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Pakefield Coastwatch is a member of the Sea Safety Group of Coastwatch stations.

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Pakefield Coastwatch is part of the Sea Safety Group, a charitable trust, which is an independent group of coastal watch stations.

We are one of the growing number of stations, manned by volunteer men and women, located around the coast of mainland Britain.

All stations carry out the same task, which is to assist Her Majesty's Coastguard in their task of helping people in trouble, on or near the sea.

HM Coastguard recognises the worth of coastal surveillance stations  and many, including ours at Pakefield, hold "Declared Facility Status" which means that they are recognised as contributing to the safety of life by operating a coastal station. Pakefield Coastwatch is responsible to HMCG and operates from approximately Lowestoft Harbour to the village of Kessingland, and as far out to sea as visibility allows.

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