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A Photograph taken in the early 1930’s of the Pakefield Holiday Camp when it was just tents.

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Pakefield Holiday Camp

In the late 1920's, Howard Barrett of Pakefield Hall opened the Pakefield Hall Camp that comprised of tents standing in farmland. In the 1930's, as the camp became more popular, they replaced the tents with wooden chalets and it became known as THE PAKEFIELD HOLIDAY CAMP, offering "150 acres that include Bowling Greens, Putting Greens, Tennis Courts and Dancing, free. Sun and Sea bathing on a fine smooth sandy beach that extends for three miles. Whist Drives and Concerts arranged. "


In 1958, Pontin's bought the camp and with the building of the modem bars, restaurants and a large indoor swimming pool, became, as it is today, a popular Holiday centre.