Pakefield Coastwatch Pakefield Coastwatch is a member of the Sea Safety Group, an Association of independent Coastal Surveillance stations

An extract from an 1846 Sea Chart of this coast showing the red light of Pakefield Lighthouse.

Mother Nature was in control of the Lighthouse's fate and, as the sand banks and seaway moved too far south, the light ceased to be an effective aid to shipping and extinguished finally on 1st December 1864.

From 1865, there is little knowledge about the lighthouse until well into the 20th century. In July 1910 it was necessary to move the building back 100 yards owing to erosion of the coast at that point. The complete iron framed building, weighing 60 to 70 tons, moved bodily upon a cradle constructed for moving Lowestoft Low Light. Local newspapers reveal its eventual sale to the owners of Pakefield Hall in November 1929 for the sum of £150.